The Mixdown stage of your production is as important, if not more important, than the Mastering. Ensuring everything is balanced with minimal distortion, a tight low end and good stereo width can be make all the difference to a recording. 

At Cold Water Studios, we use high end analogue and digital mix processing, along with multiple accurate monitoring systems, in an acoustically treated environment and most importantly an experienced set of ears. We mix in a dynamic way that will lead to the best results at the mastering process. 

The mix can be a very personal process so we are happy to listen to your thoughts, reference tracks, and mix to your style. 

If you need any advice on the recording, the creative or technical process we are happy to share our experience. Please get in touch  as we are more than happy to answer any questions or advice you need before the mixing stage. 

Mixing Rates:

Mixdown + Free Master

Turn around 2-5 business days.

We recommend sending by to . It is free up to 2G. File sizes over this please contact us and we can arrange another method.

You can upload to us your pre-master files, reference tracks, order instructions & the file type’s you wish to receive your master in. Please send your stems at the Audio format they were recorded/produced at. Example WAV/AIFF, Bit Rate: 24bit / 16bit – 48khz /44/khz . Higher sample rates/bit depths accepted. If unsure on this feel free to contact us for advice.