Mastering is the the final processing of a production where balance is enhanced, errors in the recording are corrected & it is prepared for distribution. At cold water studios, we use high end analogue and digital mastering equipment, along with multiple accurate monitoring systems in an acoustically treated environment with most importantly, an experienced set of ears. 

Analogue Mastering gives warmth to your audio that the digital domain simply can not replicate. We use a series of analogue EQ and compression,  in combination with the top end digital processing, to give the best representation of your audio.

We believe that cost should not be a barrier to releasing well mastered music. Our Digital Mastering service gives you  fine audible quality at an affordable rate that will compete on all streaming, download and physical platforms.

If you have an element in your mix you are struggling with, for example the kick and the bass are not quite sitting right  but are happy with the overall mix, Stem Mastering will give us further control to get you the best results possible.

We also offer Error Checked MP3 Conversion. Our Widget Edits are great for Soundcloud previews, Instagram stories, Webstore snippets and other promotional material. 

Mastering Rates: Sale

Analogue Mastering (Vinyl/Digital Master)

Digital Mastering (Vinyl/Digital Master) 

Stem Mastering (Up to 6 Stems) 

DJ Mix Mastering up to 2 hours 

MP3 Conversion

Preview Edit (Soundcloud, Widget, Etc)

20% discount on orders over 3 tracks.

Turn around 24-48 hours 

Sending Track

We recommend sending by to . It is free up to 2G. File sizes over this please contact us and we can arrange another method.

Please send at the Audio format  it was recorded/produced at. Example WAV/AIFF, Bit Rate: 24bit / 16bit – 48khz /44/khz . Higher sample rates/bit depths accepted. If unsure on this feel free to contact us for advice.

A great master ultimately comes from a great mixdown. If you are unsure on your mix we are happy to provide feedback on it before mastering. If you would like you track professionally mixed please see our Mixing page.